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STR-SpeechTech selected to deliver a Hosted D-ATIS system to Rwanda

VICTORIA, BC, Canada – August 7, 2020. STR-SpeechTech Ltd. (STR) is pleased to announce a contract to supply, install and commission our StarCaster D-ATIS system at Kamembe International Airport in Rwanda.

As part of a larger airport infrastructure project, STR will be deploying a new StarCaster D-ATIS system at Kamembe International Airport for Rwanda Airports Company (RAC). While all the system hardware and software will reside in Kamembe, the StarCaster D-ATIS system will be configured as a hosted system capable of providing Automatic Terminal Information Service (ATIS) for Kamembe International Airport (HRZA) and Kigali International Airport (HRYR).

We are very pleased to work with Rwanda Airports Company to provide a D-ATIS solution that fits the technological needs of their airports,” said Craig Dickson (President and CEO of STR-SpeechTech Ltd). “This solution will support operational efficiency and safety by enabling pilots to tune in to the ATIS broadcast prior to contacting the tower and receive the terminal information in a clear and natural voice.”

The supplied solution consists of a centralized, redundant StarCaster D-ATIS system designed for Operational, Technical, Administrative and Maintenance users to provide and manage ATIS operations. The main StarCaster system in Kamembe will be directly interfaced with RAC’s existing AMHS/AFTN network to continuously receive the latest weather observations from local weather systems in Kamembe and Kigali. Users will have access to StarCaster’s feature-rich Human Machine Interface (HMI) via a common web-browser over RAC’s secured internet connection. Air traffic controllers can create ATIS messages consisting of the current weather and airport operational information that are then broadcasted to VHF transmitters in ED-137B compliant VoIP.

Depending on RAC’s future ATIS needs, StarCaster’s flexible service-oriented software architecture can be expanded to host additional ATIS voice broadcasts or provide the capability of transmitting D-ATIS textual copies of ATIS messages to ACARS-equipped aircraft through a datalink provider’s network. 

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STR-SpeechTech is the leading supplier of text-to-speech systems for mission-critical broadcasting applications. STR’s StarCaster text-to-speech systems are deployed throughout the world at Air Traffic Control Towers and Flight Service Stations, where the ability to generate clear and consistent aviation information broadcasts in a natural voice is a key component of operational efficiency and safety. Located in Victoria, Canada, STR has been dedicated to meeting our customers’ needs for over 30 years.

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